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In restoring and preserving life, value and truth.

Nonce Classic

Nonce Classic is a Korean venture studio and crypto-focused project accelerator whose mission is to democratize decentralized technologies through the backing of early-stage projects. Attracted to projects with unique pioneering solutions to existing problems, Nonce Classic was drawn to OFP's one-of-a-kind approach to combating climate change and impacting projects in remote communities.

Nonce Classic backs OFP's Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform as a groundbreaking solution for climate change. In addition, Nonce Classic believes OFP's solution has a global reach and the potential to act as a bridge for climate projects and remote project owners who are new to Web3 and blockchain technology due to the accessibility and user-friendliness of the platform. Nonce Classic is also looking forward to being an outlet for the discovery and connection of OFP to the Korean community.

We are excited to have Nonce Classic join OFP's network as a contributor, and feel optimistic about all we will achieve together.


Block0 supports OFP’s open MRV solution and believes its scalability potential is a game-changer

Block0 is a Singapore-based crypto-centric digital assets backer that operates on a tripartite thesis. Primarily, that crypto is not an opportunity demarcated by geography and that the internet is boundless and open. This tenet perfectly connects with OFP's Web3 foundation and creates a common ground for synergy.

There is a greater universal incentive now more than ever to transition to a low carbon economy: Traditional verification systems lack the potential to scale seamlessly to keep up with the evolution and challenges of climate solutions and projects. Block0 is joining OFP's contributor network in order to make an impact on this reality. Block0 strongly supports OFP and backs the game-changing prospect of its Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform, and the infinite scalability potential, and believes the positive impact can be far-reaching beyond the crypto world.

OFP's transparent nature-based approach to verification powered by the open principles of Web3 will empower forestation projects in remote communities worldwide, and may become a solid ground for creating carbon financing opportunities for everyone. With Block0's support, OFP is one step closer to this goal.


Übermorgen Ventures backs OFP to support forestation in remote communities

Übermorgen Ventures is a Swiss venture capital firm supporting climate-focused organizations that develop innovative technology and solutions to tackle climate change. Their mission to solve one of the biggest challenges of our generation using disruptive solutions and ground-breaking technology is a perfect mirror of OFP. Together with our transparent, affordable, and highly scalable Measurement, Reporting, and Validation (MRV) solution, we can attain more effective and efficient verification of carbon sequestration projects in remote communities.

In complete sync with OFP's vision of a communal, open, decentralized, and transparent verification system adding real value to forestation projects in local communities, Übermorgen is joining the OFP community as a contributor.

We are delighted to have the backing of Übermorgen and excited about the potential of what we can achieve together.


Aera Force contributes to OFP’s on-chain solution to create financing opportunities for climate projects in remote communities

Aera Force is a DAO-based (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) fund that supports Web3-powered climate initiatives and startups. As a collective of climate actors that include scientists, civil leaders, founders, and investors, Aera Force is committed to funding regenerative solutions for climate change; they have honed in on blockchain-based innovations to offer transparency, immutability, accountability, and scalability in data collection, analysis, and validation. As such, OFP's open-source Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) technology perfectly ties to Aera Force's interests. It represents a pioneering piece in adopting on-chain carbon as the default for carbon markets and the driving force to a net-zero future.

Aera Force's contribution to OFP is driven by the accessibility of OFP's MRV platform to smaller and medium-sized reforestation projects - to small and large projects alike, OFP offers an affordable, and transparent verification solution that allows access to carbon financing opportunities.

We are beyond thrilled to have Aera Force join as a contributor! Their support, in conjunction with our MRV technology, will concentrate efforts to open doors to parity in growth measurements, with the potential to provide synchronous carbon financing opportunities for smaller forestation projects around the world.