In the need to preserve natural assets in nature, truth and life.
Open to trees and change
OFP Open to trees and change
Frederic Fournier, Co-Founder, CEO of OFP

Change is inherent to life. Everything around us is always changing. Evolution is about change.
Many of the changes we face in life are personal, family related, community related, country related. Most of those changes are geographically and time bound, some changes are reversible, some not.
You can probably relate to this when you refer to changes in your own life.

But what would you think or do about a threatening change that is affecting yourself and all your fellow humans,  all natural environments, everything around you?
The first and only threat that Humanity and Nature are facing together is climate change.

Most forms of life on this planet are under threat because this change is happening faster than evolution adaptation is possible. Evolution has been working in favour of life for millions of years, but evolution is not suited for the pace at which climate change is occurring.


We will need to do our best to adapt to climate change. Nature and trees will need to do their best to adapt to climate change and we might be able to help them along the way.

However this threatening situation might also be a chance for a paradigm shift, a chance for us to start to value our environment, our resources and Nature, differently:

Why shouldn’t you try to change your lifestyle by consuming less goods, less services and less energy? Or at least shift to more renewable and sustainable goods, services and energy?
Why shouldn’t you start to value a clean environment around you instead of buying a new car, a new TV, a bigger fridge, lots of plastic toys?
How about taking care of our water resources, planting trees, and gardening?
How about restoring nature around you?

I really think there is an opportunity to start this as a collective effort through education and concrete actions. This will happen at scale when we will value nature, when money will flow towards people cutting down on superficial consumerism and towards people conserving and restoring nature. The consequence of this education and these actions will not fix climate change but will grant Humanity and Nature more time to adapt to this change, grant Humanity more time to be creative on answers to make this change.

The Open Forest Protocol is an attempt and a realization of a small step towards this goal. The first small step of a long journey to value trees, nature and life.
This is a message of hope and an answer to all the pragmatic dreamers of this world.
Join us in this journey if you want to restore nature and value truth.

Building the Open Forest Ecosystem
The roots of the ecosystem
Michael Kelly, Co-Founder & CPO of OFP

With the mainnet launch of Open Forest Protocol, projects can now onboard and prepare their first data upload for the long-term verification of their forest project. As a recap, whenever we have talked about OFP we have mentioned it as a core mechanism from which three layers of value can be expected: 

1. The Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) of Forest projects, using the validation mechanism of uploading data every six months for the first two years, and every year thereafter (with validation taking an expected 40 days). 

2. The potential creation of a carbon credit for forests uploading data using this MRV foundation (with a couple of tweaks) and with a more stringent processor attached ‘behind’ the validation mechanism. 

3. The implementation of a results based financing incentive mechanism, for forest projects to raise, and receive support after successful data uploads. This is known as Open Forest Starter and is currently being designed in-house for launch sometime in the middle of next year (2023). 


These three levels are the main facets of the Open Forest Protocol, and provide a clear pathway for re-inventing and rapidly scaling reforestation and forest management, nature based carbon markets, and our relationship with nature. But in reality, this core logic is actually only the mothership of an entire fleet of services that our ecosystem will be able to offer in the future - all subsumed beneath a single token - the $OPN. 

As I see it, Open Forest can not only remake how we manage, value, and finance forest projects, but the core mechanism design can actually be expanded to other verticals, services, and domains of natural assets. Here is what we are planning on an ecosystem level for Open Forest Protocol: 

• A Separate Vertical for Mangrove Restoration and Planting: Mangroves have been described before as the ‘tenderloin’ of blue carbon. In a similar way to how forest projects use a mobile app to upload data from the field, manage that data on a dashboard, and then send that data to validators, a similar vertical will be developed inside of the OFP ecosystem to handle the business and product development for mangrove MRV and possible carbon accreditation. This vertical has a potential market of up to 100 million hectares of mangroves to bring onto OFP over the next 20 years. 

• Greenbox Technologies: Remote sensing, specifically as it pertains to monitoring nature and various parameters of nature is becoming increasingly cost-effective, and available. Open source software, from spatial satellites makes remote sensing solutions for projects and validators more accessible and feasible in the coming years. Greenbox Technologies is launching to ensure that all future verticals, and ecosystem projects inside of OFP are able to access affordable and valuable remote sensing data. 

• DFC Inc. and Others: OFP changes forest management into an activity that involves local communities and indigenous groups. DFC Inc. and other similar organizations, will launch as implementation partners responsible for building human networks around the world, able to service projects in need of sample plot data collection on a recurring basis. In short, implementation managers for OFP projects so that successful data uploads are made more likely, with the implementation and logistics already taken care. DFC Inc. et al will also be a first mover in building community products and infrastructure to ensure fair value distribution into all facets of the forest management value chain.  

These four verticals, effectively encompass a number of much needed services into the OFP ecosystem: With mangroves we will rapidly increase the amount of carbon created on OFP, with the Greenback Biodiversity Bank we will provide a new mechanism for conserving and valuing nature - that can invert the existing paradigm, and actually preserve biodiversity hotspots in the coming century. With Greenbox we will bring a framework for remote sensing and other types of data into the entire ecosystem for current and future verticals and services. With DFC Inc. and other similar organizations, we will scale human coordination of OFP projects, onboard indigenous communities to the protocol, and create a positive feedback loop for the development of the ecosystem at large. 

To do these things, the Open Forest Fleet needs talented individuals who are ready to roll up their sleeves and help implement these solutions. Available roles encompass business developers, communicators, writers, and marketers, product managers, and high level ops. 

We are interested in hiring quality people, keen to deliver results, work at Shenzhen speed, and have a serious impact on the future of our relationship with nature. We want fools, misfits, weirdos, and high performance individuals who are willing to put their ego aside, and deliver tangible results.