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Fundacion Palmarito Casanare

Deep in the Orinoquia Region of Colombia lies a heavily forested slice of Latin America teeming with over 150 natural ecosystems. Encompassing over 50,000 hectares of tropical rainforest, this world heritage site is one of five natural regions in Colombia, and is the third most crucial riparian system in the world. Nestled within the Orinoquia region is the Palmarito reserve, in Casanare - this reserve is home to indigenous communities that rely on the forests for life and vitality. In collaboration with the indigenous peoples, Fundacion Palmarito is focused on raising awareness on the importance of conserving and fostering a deeper, more sustainable harmony between the communities and the Orinoquia.

Joining Open Forest Protocol as a Project Operator will create pathways to sustainable conservation by allowing for the validation of 50,000 hectares of the Orinoquia forest using our decentralized Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system. Open and free MRV will uncover the natural value of Orinoquia forests and open access to financing opportunities to help scale forest projects in the region, bringing positive economic, social, and environmental impact to the communities, and deeper harmony with the invaluable ecosystem they call home.

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Fundacion Palmarito Casanare and OFP


Urbem Forests is a pioneering social collective and environmental NGO based in Lisbon, Portugal, using urban reforestation to connect communities to nature and promote forest-driven, sustainable living. Urbem Forests' primary mission is to champion biodiversity by planting micro, fast-growing forests using a tailored Miyawaki method that can absorb 256% more carbon than traditional reforestation techniques. They focus on three values: "Community. Nature. Connection”
Made up of a diverse team of 30 professionals from over 16 countries, Urbem Forests has already had success planting forests in the Bela Vista Park in Lisbon, the second-largest green space in the city. Aligned with OFP in mission and ethos, Urbem Forests is joining our global Project Operator network to utilize OFP's proprietary open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system to monitor an initial 0.25 hectares of forest.
We are thrilled to work with Urbem Forests to drive the growth of sustainable communities! OFP is excited to collaborate and raise awareness about the positive impact of nature-based solutions in Portugal and around the world.

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago… the second-best time is NOW"
Chinese Proverb


Urbem Forests is a pioneering social collective and environmental NGO based in Lisbon, Portugal,


TierrAmar is a non-profit grassroots organization focusing on forest conservation, reforestation, and management. TierrAmar drives community-based education to garner awareness for the value of forests and sustainable income generation. Based in Colombia, TierrAmar launched the Sabaleta Sanctuary project in 2021 after observing, evaluating, and documenting ecosystem threats such as illegal poaching, unsustainable fishing and hunting practices, and exacerbated mining and logging. This seemingly uncontrollable over-exploitation of the environment is due to a high reliance on natural resources that results from high poverty rates in local communities. The project revolves around conserving, managing, creating an ecological corridor on, and sustainably utilizing TierrAmar-owned land in the buffer zone between Farallones of Cali and Valle del Cauca's Pacific Coast through a community-based effort.
TierrAmar is joining OFP's Project Operator network to manage 100 hectares of the Sabaleta Sanctuary using our open and decentralized Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system. TierrAmar believes decentralized economies and systems are the future, and OFP's approach is a viable gateway to that.

"Effective transactions for our people and planet."

The Sabaleta Sanctuary project will not only conserve and restore forest land. It will serve as a community education tool to raise awareness and create a sustainable livelihood for surrounding local communities. We are so excited to have them on board and look forward to making a difference, together!


TierrAmar is a non-profit grassroots organization focusing on forest conservation, reforestation, and management.

Worthy Association for Tackling Environmental Ruins (WATER)

Worthy Association for Tackling Environmental Ruins (WATER) is a non-governmental organization responsible for the management of the Ekuri forest and oversees the Ekuri community forestry initiative. Based in Nigeria, WATER became active in 2006 and has worked in five local government areas and 15 communities in forest conservation and management projects. The Ekuri community forestry initiative, launched in 1992, covers 33,600 hectares of the Ekuri community forest with the mission to conserve and manage the forest through the communal effort of the villages of the Old and New Ekuri that jointly make up the Ekuri community.

As the managing body of the initiative, WATER is joining OFP as a Project Operator to transparently monitor 20,000 hectares of the Ekuri forest using our open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) technology. Their immutably stored and authenticated forest data will be accessible to investors, opening the initiative to carbon financing opportunities.

"Present and future generations remain grateful to OFP for showing Ekuri the solution in carbon financing”- Godwin Akamo "

Worthy Association for Tackling Environmental Ruins (WATER) and OFP


Kipepeo is an environmental organization focused on community-based reforestation, afforestation, and tree conservation. Based in Kenya and inspired by Wangari Maathai's outstanding efforts for the environment, Kipepeo partners with landowners to plant fruit tree orchards in public spaces. In addition, the organization leverages environmental awareness and education programs to empower women and youths to extract value from their forests sustainably.

Using impactful climate action to restore nature and transform communities, Kipepeo manages over 3000 hectares of forest land spread over Mt. Elgon, schools, police stations, churches, hospitals, and community public lands. In joining OFP's Project Operator network, Kipepeo will leverage our open and decentralized Measurement, Reporting, and Verification system (MRV) to record and authenticate their forest data transparently. In addition, the global web of diverse climate actors and projects will open up Kipepeo to new opportunities to collaborate, learn from, and share its experiences.

"Everyone has a part One fruit tree, one person, can give birth to an orchard; an innovative way to mitigate the climate crisis and to create sustainable solutions for communities, countries, continents, and the world at large."- Kipepeo

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Kipepeo and OFP


Eco-Lusion is a community-based organization combating climate change via forest management and sustainability projects. Based in Kisumu county, Kenya, Eco-Lusion is driven by the massive biomass and timber needs of the country's communities and counties to develop a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to meeting these needs. In addition, the organization is engaged in community education and awareness programs that complement the tree planting projects undertaken in communities around the country.

Through multiple partnerships and projects, Eco-Lusion has been able to plant over 100,000 trees in communities around Kenya and is now taking up the challenge to restore and manage 1,000 hectares of the Kajulu Hill forest. The plan is to plant and manage 1,000,000 trees in an area of the forest that borders three counties, using OFP's open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform to record, store and authenticate the data. Beyond using OFP's MRV system, Eco-Lusion is joining our global and diverse Project Operator network to harness its extensive experience to enhance the implementation of their projects

“Tree is a soldier, forest is an army! And let us wish that all the battles against this army are lost.”

- Mehmet Murat Ildan

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3Agro is a Brazilian agroforestry and green economy organization that manages forest assets. They leverage the link between bioeconomy and emerging digital technologies to sustainably conserve, manage and market Amazonian biodiversity. Started seven years ago as an agricultural partnership between local producers and a group of friends, family, and investors, 3Agro's first project was planting irrigated acai on dry land. Today, 3Agro manages 65 hectares of land and is preparing to test-plant over ten species of native Amazonian plants.

Beyond the shared connection as supporters of nature-based solutions, 3Agro is joining OFP as a Project Operator to tap into a global network that can amplify its environmental and social impact. In addition, 3Agro will use our open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform to record and validate 5000 hectares of forest data.

"Possibilities may open up exponentially with OFP and 3Agro"
Bruno Kato


3Agro and OFP

Vision Farmers' Organization

Vision Farmers' Organization (VFO) is a forest conservation NGO driving community engagement and efforts in regenerative agriculture, reforestation, environmental-friendly farming, and sustainability. Based in Butere, Kakamega County in Kenya, VFO started in 2010 as a community self-help group gathering information and research from magazines, books, and other agri-centric resources before launching into a fully-formed organization.

Today, operating on over 900 hectares of land, VFO is launching an ambitious tree-planting project to restore forest coverage in parts of the Western province of Kenya. The multi-layered project aims to produce and provide seedlings (woody trees, food trees, and medicinal trees) to local communities and involve them in the planting process for sustainable food security, income generation, and forest restoration.

Joining OFP's Project operator network will provide VFO with a reliable portal to an expansive and experienced community to support their project. Our open Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform will authenticate up to 20,000 hectares of forest. With their forest data validated, stored immutably, and readily accessible to the world, VFO will have increased opportunities for carbon financing.


Vision Farmers' Organization and OFP


Neditel is a community-based conservation and afforestation organization that partners with landowners in Indonesia to scale forestation in areas where land is degraded. Active since 2015, Neditel is also heavily involved in agroforestry efforts in villages around Indonesia in conjunction with local landowners, using short rotation coppice planting to produce biochar fertilizer. This unique approach to fertilizing has a two-fold benefit of efficiently sequestering carbon and generating environment-friendly renewable fuel from its byproducts.

Eight years active with 1000+ hectares under their management, Neditel will join OFP as a Project Operator to enhance their monitoring and reporting of over 350,000 hectares of forest data using OFP's open and economical Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solution. This will ensure a rapid and open validation of Neditel's data, making it accessible to potential investors.

"Whoever plants a tree, then he patiently guards and cares for it until it bears fruit, then all who benefit like from its fruit, become alms for him to Allah."
Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Neditel is taking on the ambitious and heroic task of regenerating Indonesia's vast degraded lands. With their extensive experience, knowledge, and OFP's pioneering MRV solution, we believe it is achievable.


Neditel and OFP

Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation (HUDEFO)

The Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation (HUDEFO) is an NGO and consultancy focused on environmental conservation and agroforestry based in Tanzania. Founded in 2014 as a community-based organization before becoming an NGO in 2019, HUDEFO advocates for and promotes the mainstreaming of gender in sustainable development, conservation, and reforestation initiatives. Driven by a team that is passionate about nature and conservation, HUDEFO is powered by over 180 volunteers around Tanzania, from local village youths, leaders, and women, to civil society representatives.

As HUDEFO continues to grow and gain traction in policy and program planning at the government level while continuing to lead its community projects, visibility and opportunities to expand become imperative. In joining OFP's Project Operator network, HUDEFO will be committing about 80 hectares of project land to OFP's Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solution, to monitor and validate their forest data. This will help expose their projects to a global network and attract carbon financing opportunities.

"Reforestation and Agroforestry are the catalysts to combat deforestation. Through OFP, our NDC Commitment can be achievable."
Sarah Pima


Human Dignity and Environmental Care Foundation (HUDEFO) and OFP

Tierras Nativas

Tierras Nativas is a community-driven agroforestry and conservation project that aims to harmonize human activity, wellbeing, and environmental awareness into a sustainable, regenerative community. Piloted in Mexico, Tierras Nativas is the brainchild of a native family in the Yucatan Peninsula that has consistently advocated for awareness of human impact on the environment, and how communities play a vital role in mitigating negative footprints on nature.

Tierras Nativas is building a regenerative community over a 100-hectare stretch of forest land using wellness practices, eco-responsible actions, and an inclusive approach. Joining OFP's Project Operator community, Tierras Nativas will be able to show the effectiveness of nature-based carbon sequestration and how vital local and indigenous communities are to the process. OFP's decentralized Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform will be instrumental in monitoring, measuring, and verifying the efficiency and progress of Tierras Nativas' sequestration activities on over 70+ hectares of forest land.

"The twisted tree lives its life, while the right tree ends up in planks." Chinese proverb


Tierras Nativas and OFP

Climate Kakuma

Climate Kakuma is a non-profit initiative committed to fighting climate change in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya through community-wide education, promotion, and awareness on the benefits of effective forest conservation and management. The project was founded by two students from a local high school (Amala High School) after conducting a survey on climate change in their community as part of their end-of-studies project. The aim of Climate Kakuma is using sensitization around the adverse effects of climate change and unchecked ecological footprint to drive community-based projects and promote sustainable agriculture. Initiatives include the creation of community gardens in conjunction with local landowners as well as tree planting.

We are excited to have the youthful energy and drive of Climate Kakuma on board as a Project Operator. OFP's Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform will be essential to authenticate data from Climate Kakuma's tree planting projects and open up carbon financing opportunities. The Project Operator network will also expose Climate Kakuma to a rich pool of experience to inform their activities.

''The less we do to address climate change now, the more regulation we will have in the future.”
Phillip Khaimba, Climate Kakuma

Youth engagement and active participation in the fight against climate change will always be championed and welcomed at OFP. Make sure you don't miss our upcoming Project Operator announcements.


Climate Kakuma and OFP

Let’s Green The Future Trust

Let’s Green the Future Trust is a Zimbabwean NGO driven to increase sustainable practices and eco-education by enhancing grassroots development, particularly through the inclusion of women and youth. Established as a trust in 2019, Let's Green the Future develops and implements pro-environment and sustainable community-driven initiatives around Zimbabwe.

Greening Kuwadzana (GKP) is a tree-planting initiative of the Trust, in cooperation with Kuwadzana Press, a community-based newspaper, and Duri Green Finger, an indigenous tree nursery. The project's mission is to make the residential area of Kuwadzana green by 2030 while accelerating the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Zimbabwe's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Supported by local authorities in Harare and Kuwadzana District, the project engages the community in planting trees on 10 hectares of land while providing instruction and training about forest conservation, environmental sustainability, and accountability in ecosystem protection.

As part of OFP's Project Operator network, Let's Green the Future Trust will be utilizing OFP's Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform and technology to transparently prove the existence and growth of their forests across all 10 hectares of the Greening Kuwadzana project. LOFP utilizes blockchain technology to ensure that the data collected by Let’s Green the Future Trust, once validated by our global network of validators, is immutably stored and accessible to partners, donors, and potential stakeholders.

We are so excited to welcome Let’s Green the Future Trust to our diverse and growing Project Operator network and anticipate beautiful work to come from this partnership. Stick around for more PO announcements very soon!


Let’s Green The Future Trust and OFP

Mambo Heritage

Mambo Heritage is a Kenyan organization that builds equitable solutions for climate change by leveraging blockchain technology and human-centric tools such as anthropology to enhance cultural awareness and inspire innovation. Focused on reviving the cultural, political, and economic links between land preservation, conservation, and regeneration, Mambo Heritage's mission is to encourage heritage preservation and cultural awareness through digitization. By doing so, they aim to create lasting, sustainable impact by innovatively bridging the gaps between urban conflict, cultural heritage, and climate change.

“Innovation - At the heart of our organization is a commitment to heritage, beauty, and legacy. We are architects of sustainable futures.”
Mambo Heritage Mission Statement

In partnership with Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority (TARDA), Mambo Heritage is engaging in a 13,800-hectare regeneration project in the Tana and Athi Rivers Basin that spans 19 counties in Kenya. This ambitious effort will see Mambo Heritage plant 2 million trees in 12 months while accentuating inclusive and capacity-building interaction with local landowners and their culture.

With transparent, scalable, and open-source forest monitoring at its core, the project creates the perfect backdrop for an OFP and Mambo Heritage partnership as the organization joins OFP's Project Operator network. Leveraging OFP's on-chain Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform and expansive network will ensure they are guided by  transparent and accessible data validation,  whilst creating carbon financing opportunities for the project. The pilot phase of the partnership will grant OFP access to 138 hectares of the project land.

"We are looking to grow 2 million trees in the first 12 months of this pilot under an incentive-driven campaign that moves the conservation yardstick from tree planting to tree growing."
Balmoi Abe


Mambo Heritage and OFP


Sirumalai Evergreen Multipurpose Community Development Society (SIMCODESS) is a 32-year-old community-based conservation NGO that helps vulnerable communities achieve sustainable, climate-resilient economies that support their families, and creates awareness about forest conservation in India. SIMCODESS is committed to initiating and carrying out low carbon emission projects to support 500 households and 500+ small farmers in the five villages of the Dindigul District in Tamil Nadu, India. Their goal is to achieve enhanced food security and diversified livelihood for members of their community, especially women, youth, and farmers, through the adoption of low emission activities and climate-resilient agriculture practices.

In joining OFP's diverse and expanding network, SIMCODESS will be leveraging their knowledge of the land infrastructure, and are looking to take advantage of carbon financing opportunities, as they help farmers build climate-resilient habits and practices across a combined 700 hectares of land.

SIMCODESS has a larger mission to work for the development of women, children and youth, and also the empowerment of marginalized farmers.

“Children and Women to live with their potential leading a dignified life with their rights and values in an eco-friendly community” - Mission statement of SIMCODESS




Woodlands 2000 Trust (W2T) is a community-based conservation organization in Kisaju, Kajiado District. Founded in 2001 by the late Dr. Maxwell Kinyanjui and Martin Dunford, W2T promotes indigenous tree growth all around Kenya by providing afforestation and allied services to private entrepreneurs, farmers, landowners, and other investors involved in the tree outplantation industry. In 21 years, the organization has secured over 2 hectares of land and has successfully established a flourishing dryland woodlot of over 50 species of indigenous trees and plants.

W2T will use OFP's Measurement, Reporting, and Verification technology to transparently measure and validate the growth and progress of their activities on their 2.5-hectare woodlot. The collected information will be stored immutably on the Near blockchain for easy access by investors. The open-source nature of OFP’s platform will allow W2T to take advantage of carbon financing opportunities, and scale their forestation projects and activities.

'Tech for small forest managers is of growing importance in Kenya.'
Teddy Kinyanjui




Buenaventura EcoAdventure Lodge SRL is a wellness and private reserve center in Costa Rica. Founded in 2002 by Harlow Newton, the company is composed of community members that participate in various roles geared towards improving both the health of our bodies, and the health of our ecosystem. The team works with tour guides and trip leaders to support its guests while practicing forest conservation. Over the past 20 years, the company has expanded to include additional wellness infrastructure, cacao superfood forests, and a natural blue clay product line.

Buenaventura plans to seek additional financing for its operations from emerging regenerative finance opportunities. Using OFP resources, the company will measure, verify, and report its forestation activities consistently over time, and store the records permanently on blockchain for easy access by investors. By so doing, Buenaventura will build the much-needed credibility required when engaging forest investors in the ReFi market.


Buenaventura and OFP

Natural Green Farmtech

Natural Green Farmtech is a sustainable seed financing company operating in Kenya and Uganda. Beginning as a tree nursery business back in 2015, the company soon began offering extension services and seed financing to farmers as well as planting and caring for commercial trees on their behalf. Adopting a value chain approach, the company targets food crops with a ready market and viable commercial potential.

Joining OFP, Natural Green Farmtech notes the vitality of measuring, reporting, and verifying its commercial tree plantations. It ensures the firm has accurate data that it can rely on to manage its farming and planting operations. Farmers benefit from increased transparency and accountability, making them more open to adopting business models that improve the environment while providing a decent income sustainably. OFP online tools will ensure that Natural Greentech and its over 200 farmers conveniently enjoy these benefits over online platforms.

“Fruit cultivation, with proper management & marketing can be very profitable both to the farmer and the environment”
Edwin Mayieka,  Natural Green Farmtech


Natural Green Farmtech and OFP

Green Embassy Kenya

Green Embassy is an environmental consortium in Kenya seeking to empower youths to serve their communities through sustainable environmental management.The organization participates in communal environmental conservation activities including directly engaging in forestation, creating public awareness of environmental change, and supporting public ecological conservation policies.

Green Embassy has secured partnerships with landowners to engage in forestation activities to conserve the environment, controlling over 50,000 hectares of land in Kenya. The manifold benefits of a forest of this size are difficult to quantify using the traditional system. Noticing this gap between real and measurable value, the organization has opted to join OFP as a project operator to benefit from our Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation resources. Using OFP, the firm will be able to transparently communicate its forest operations over the lifetime of their project. The benefits from this include improved credibility in the eyes of the public and a boost in investor confidence. As the benefits spread out, the same will spur more actions toward eco-friendliness in line with the vision of Green Embassy.

“Show its worth and save the Earth”
Raychelle, Founder of Green Embassy


Green Embassy Kenya and OFP

Bosques Naturales

Bosques Naturales Protegidos (BNP) is an organization that manages over 300,000 hectares of forest land primarily in Argentina, with plans to expand to Uruguay, Paraguay, and Peru. BNP engages in afforestation and reforestation with an emphasis on community-based conservation. Their mission is to provide a real solution to eliminate deforestation, conserve wildlife, and improve the quality of life for the native populations in these areas.

Using OFP, BNP plans to monitor and report on 307,000 hectares in their large portfolio of forests, and gain access to carbon financing schemes through OFP’s network as well as the upcoming Open Forest Starter — the results-based financing platform for forest projects on OFP.

OFP was recommended as the best option for our needs. In particular, we are looking forward to the carbon financing aspect that OFP will provide to fund our forestation project.

Website (coming soon)

Bosques Naturales and OFP


Bôndy is an Agroforestry and coastal reforestation (blue carbon) organization in Madagascar. In 2019, Bôndy came up with a model for reforestation in Madagascar that will guarantee the sustainability of impacts in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. The company has since grown to have 53 full-time employees, 24 partners, and plans to plant more than 300,000 trees across 4 regions in Madagascar. Bondy intends to expand this model into the remaining 23 regions of Madagascar by 2030.

Joining OFP as a forest operator, Bôndy plans to use OFP’s Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) tools to track 400 hectares of land as a pilot project. This land is held communally, and the organization has been assigned to care for it for 32 years. The pilot project’s success will see Bôndy expand the use of OFP resources to all its forestation activities covering over 2400 hectares to enjoy additional benefits, including increased control of the projects by the company and its partners.

“OFP technology will give us the possibility to monitor even more precisely our project and so having more control. On top of that, it will benefit our partners as they will have more control over the projects they invested in.”
Gabriel Tasso, Bôndy

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Bôndy and OFP

Almighty Tree

Almighty Tree is an environmental organization, which gives the Swiss population and companies the opportunity to plant trees in Switzerland in order to adapt Swiss forests to climate change. The organization seeks to promote climate change adaptation by offering Swiss citizens and companies the opportunity to engage in both large-scale and small-scale forestation activities. Between 2020, their first year of operation, and 2021, the organization planted 12,000 trees. For 2022, they are targeting to plant 20,000 more trees by the end of the year.

This rapid growth came with the need to track the planted trees, prompting the founder to work with a team of computer engineers, forest owners, and freelancers to develop a system of tree tracking accessible on the organization’s website. So far, the company has brought on board 60 companies, engaged in 50 planting projects, and over 12,000 tree planters in 9 Swiss cantons over 8 hectares of land. OFP resources will prove invaluable as the organization expands in line with its mission to make Switzerland carbon neutral through forestation. This will free up the organization to focus on its primary objective as captured in its mission statement:

“Together with the Swiss population and companies, we can contribute to creating the forest of the future around us.”


Almighty Tree and OFP


Oasa is a network of co-owned regenerative villages engaging in forestation efforts. Oasa aims to develop 10–12 regenerative human settlements that protect the acquired land under a regenerative land use agreement, keeping 95% of the land unconstructed. They also seek to put 100.000 ha into conservation globally.

Joining OFP as a project operator, Oasa will explore new models for human habitats that create positive externalities for nature. The ability to generate income streams directly from regenerative activities is something the project is looking to expand into in the future as it grows its land protection footprint.This year, Oasa plans to monitor the initial 1.5 hectares reforestation project using OFP’s Monitoring, Reporting, and Verifying (MRV) tools as a test run. The results from this test run will inform further adoption of OFP resources, as Oasa brings more forest projects onboard its operations.

“OFP is a promising tech that can enable us to scale our regenerative practices”
Sam, Oasa.


Oasa and OFP


EMAUA is a Swiss-Kenyan non-profit project that plants indigenous trees in a tropical region of Kenya to store CO2 and preserve native biodiversity. The project’s aim is to reach 1 million trees planted per year by 2025. EMAUA’s community-driven and holistic approach to forestation, for example, means that each tree planted contributes to building improved cooking stoves free of charge, which reduces firewood use by 66% in Kenyan households and institutions. They also sensitize primary schools on the need to plant trees and use local resources for organic farming.

In 2021, the organization worked with over 300 small-scale farmers to plant trees covering a total land area of 54 hectares. This year, EMAUA plans to double its operations under the goal to plant 1 million trees per year by 2025. With OFP’s resources, the organization’s donors will track and verify each forestation project by EMAUA, boosting their confidence and prompting them to invest in similar projects in the future.

“EMAUA’s operations are funded by small monthly donors. In that regard, transparency is key. OFP offers the exact tools that will bring us closer to our donor community by further enhancing our transparency.”
Julien Kauer, founder of EMAUA


Emaua and OFP

Progetto Regrò

Regrò is an artisanal regenerative project for an oak forest in Tuscany. Covering 23 hectares of land, the project prioritizes soil rehabilitation, as the land had been severely impacted by overexploitation of the forest for timber and meat production A blockchain-based MRV and carbon financing platform like OFP was the answer to the inefficiencies of their existing system. Overcoming bureaucracy, the amount and attitude of middlemen, and timing was difficult for Regro, when they connected with OFP through the NEAR ecosystem.

Instead of having to go through layers of intermediaries, a project like Regrò can immediately register on OFP and download a mobile app to go out in the field to track the restoration of their forest. On the financing side, thanks to the absence of data upload fees on OFP, Regrò does not have to worry about additional MRV costs. In the long run, OFP can also help Regrò bypass bureaucratic funding processes by providing access to carbon financing schemes.


Progetto Regrò and OFP

Kisampa Conservancy

Kisampa Conservancy is a local, community-driven effort to conserve tree diversity and rewild degraded land in Eastern Tanzania. Founded in 2003, the Conservancy is a 60 square kilometre private community conservancy set in a pristine, wild area in Coastal Tanzania in the Bagamoyo district. Here, the multiple habitats and diverse abundance of tree and shrub species attract a large variety of wildlife. Having a long established history of protecting the area from unsustainable exploitation, the conservancy strives to work hand in hand with the local communities, engaging locals in this socially and environmentally responsible project that helps to protect the area and bring money and resources directly back to the communities. Being a forestation project with a smaller acreage and budget, Kisampa Conservancy chose OFP because it allows for them to register and validate forest resources in a cost-effective way. As one of the founding members of the OFP forest network, the Kisampa Conservancy will contribute to product testing and help raise awareness on OFP for other organizations looking to do the same with their forest resources.

“Open Forest Protocol offers a solution for small-scale forest projects by providing simple, cutting edge technology for registering and validating forest resources that can be easily implemented in small communities. Kisampa Conservancy is proud to be a foundation member and to assist in the development of the technology.”


Kisampa and OFP