Forest Operators will be the first to enter.
As they are those who can measure the trees and the forests in the world, to report and upload value as data inside the Protocol.
Like anything in nature, to complete the Protocol’s operations it will take time. Nature’s time.
The forest projects that have entered the Protocol will become globally and publicly visible on OFP Explorer.
With their location, their trees, their data and their stories.
A decentralized network of individuals and organizations with environmental knowledge and care
will be ready to initiate the validation of all data, from the conservation of adult trees to the afforestation of new trees.
The OPN tokens, released in autumn, will become the first interface to a new, global conversation
between mankind, blockchain, economies and trees. This is when the entire world can enter the Protocol.
As the trees will continue to lead, we, the founders of this Protocol will let the people of the world
direct and advise the Protocol and share care.
The landscape of value can also open. With Open Carbon Financing for the regeneration of established mature forests or for the creation of new young forests.
Open Forest Starter will follow.
A platform where a forests can receive pre-investments and also funds based on performance.
Then the Protocol will open to mangroves, bringing high value carbon sequestration.
Nature will have a voice over an incremental orchestra of instruments, where the Open-MRV will remain the core, the inspiration and the engine for new answers, new value and more truth.
Welcome to the Protocol.
open forest protocol whitepaper