February 21, 2023

Partners for a Green Future: Open Forest Protocol, Callirius, OCELL, Klim, and RSS Join Forces

Partners for a Green Future: Open Forest Protocol, Callirius, OCELL, Klim, and RSS Join Forces

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Zurich, CH — Callirius is an innovative digital marketplace for high-quality, nature-based climate solutions. OCELL is a data-driven partner for digital forest inventory and forestry carbon credits. Klim enables farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture by providing regenerative know-how and financial support through nature-based carbon credits. RSS consists of innovators in earth observation for transparent monitoring of forests and peatlands. Open Forest Protocol is the world’s first on-chain measurement, reporting, and verification platform, built on a foundation of verification by a network of independent experts. All these forward-looking ventures share the unifying goal of promoting transparency, trust, credibility and strong ethical principles within the realm of carbon projects and the voluntary carbon market (VCM).

The VCM is essential for businesses and individuals looking to support climate solutions and counterbalance their residual and hard-to-abate emissions with certified carbon credits. Whilst the VCM continues to grow — both in size and importance — concerns about the legitimacy and effectiveness of some carbon credits mount. The VCM is at risk of losing the faith of those seeking to make a positive impact on the environment.

This is why many experts suggest that digital measurement, reporting and verification (dMRV) processes could be the key to unlocking the full potential of the VCM and addressing the issues that were brought to light in recent press articles. DMRV processes enable continuous assessment and update of a project’s performance, fostering trust in the projects. They provide investors and buyers with transparency and confidence, simplify data gathering andhelp to ensure that carbon projects utilize their capital genuinely towards meaningful CO2 reductions and removals.

Joining forces to revolutionize the VCM, OCELL, Klim GmbH, RSS GmbH, Open Forest Protocol and Callirius AG are implementing and enabling cutting-edge dMRV processes, ensuring transparency, integrity, and trust in every aspect of carbon project development and carbon credit transactions. The remote sensing and monitoring tools developed by OCELL, the integrated dMRV processes at Klim, the digital monitoring and verification of projects at RSS, and the decentralized proof-of-impact data platform of Open Forest Protocol, usher in a new era of climate action. These partnerships lay the foundation for continuous project monitoring on the Callirius marketplace that will foster greater collaboration and trust among all stakeholders in the VCM and redefine the standards for the whole industry.

“Open Forest Protocol is thrilled to be partnering with Callirius and their partners as our two organizations are very much aligned on the necessity for enhanced transparency and quality of projects from their inception phase. We look forward to providing the transparency and accountability needed to build trust and confidence in the carbon credits market.”

Frederic Fournier, CEO at Open Forest Protocol

“Although climate protection can be driven forward with technical innovations, it is not possible without the involvement of nature and the environment. Klim’s digital platform combines nature-based solutions with innovative technology and scientific knowledge to support farmers in their conversion to regenerative agriculture. We are proud to promote high-quality, nature-based climate solutions in partnership with trusted allies.”

Robert Gerlach, CEO at Klim

“OCELL is delighted to work alongside Callirius to bring our digital forest inventory technology and carbon credits to the forefront of the voluntary carbon market. Our technology helps ensure the validity and precision of carbon credits and favours the development of innovative nature-based solutions to tackle the climate crisis.”

Christian Decher, co-CEO at OCELL

“Remote Sensing Solutions (RSS) is proud to be a part of this partnership, which comes at the right time and with high expectations. We are excited to innovate the voluntary carbon market with our VerifAId-Transparency platform and to establish dMRV as a central pillar of nature-based solutions that have a high impact in scale and quality.”

Jonas Franke, Managing Director of RSS

About Callirius

Callirius’ mission is to bring private capital directly to climate impact through a digital marketplace, providing climate solutions with access to new funding sources while giving enterprises & investors access to high-integrity nature-based climate projects. At Callirius, quality and integrity are based on a scalable data-driven, science-backed, and fully-regulated framework. Our AI-powered Callirius Quality Engine and due diligence identify the overall positive impact on climate, nature and society.


OCELL provides cutting-edge technologies for forestry, allowing forests to fully realise their potential as a sustainable resource and a highly efficient carbon dioxide reservoir. OCELL’s “Dynamic Forest” makes forest management information digitally accessible and actionable, making planning in the woods easier and more transparent. Based on the combined and holistic data from remote sensing and terrestrial measurements, OCELL generates high-quality and transparent carbon credits.

About Klim

Klim brings together farmers, businesses and consumers to make agriculture part of the climate solution. Klim enables farmers to digitally document climate protection services and unlock financial remuneration for verified activities.

About RSS

RSS is one of Germany’s leading value-adding companies for environmental monitoring using Earth Observation. RSS implements cutting-edge satellite monitoring technologies and AI-based image analysis to support land-based carbon projects. The VerifAId platform helps customers to monitor, report and verify the impacts of NbS (verifAId.ai).

About Open Forest Protocol

Open Forest Protocol is a scalable, on-chain platform that allows forest projects of any size, from around the world, to Measure, Report, and Verify (MRV) their forestation data. Through OFP, individuals, communities, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and governments can create transparent, immutable, proof-of-impact data that is comprehensively verified by a network of independent experts. OFP is building the foundation for more inclusive, scalable, and data-backed financing mechanisms for nature-based climate solutions.

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