Open Forest Protocol brings the world’s first decentralized, Open-MRV.
With a unique humancentric approach, built on a layer 1 carbon neutral blockchain, NEAR.


Kenya Flying Labs is a Kenyan non-profit organization that utilizes AI, machine learning, and drones to provide data for forest conservation and management organizations to aid with issues such as precision agriculture, disaster avoidance, and risk management. Motivated by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2, 3, 8, 9, 11, and 13, they use their drone footage and remote sensing data to accelerate and enhance the effectiveness of forest monitoring and agriculture projects. Kenya Flying Labs runs autonomously as a sector of the global Flying Labs organization which launched in 2016.
Kenya Flying labs is the newest addition to our Validator network, and will utilize their technology to verify the forest data uploaded by Project Operators within OFP’s open and decentralized Measurement, Reporting, and Validation (MRV) system. Their drones, remote sensing, and machine learning technology will further enhance the quality of the verification process for forest projects within OFP's global Project Operator network.

"Technology remains a key enabler in ecosystem rehabilitation as well as a great motivator for youth to engage in conservation projects."
Cleopa Otieno, CEO Kenya Flying Labs

In addition to their forest conservation efforts, Kenya Flying Labs is also heavily involved in community growth. They initiate projects to motivate Youth in STEM, and foster local capacity building, as well as ecosystem building by organizing trainings and meetups for local drone startups.


Kenya Flying Labs is a Kenyan non-profit organization


Dronek is an Ivorian agriculture and forestry consultancy offering remote sensing, reforestation, and forest management as umbrella services and solutions to projects. The consultancy was founded in 2017 by Mr. Kouacou Yao, a forest engineer graduate from the National Polytechnique Institute, Yamoussoukro, Cote D'Ivoire. Dronek is committed to people and the environment, using innovative technology and field expertise to support and promote sustainable agriculture and effective forest conservation.

Already a very active organization with accomplished projects, Dronek is the newest addition to OFP's Validator network. As an OFP Validator, Dronek's remote sensing technology, experience, and field expertise will further bolster the robustness and quality of our open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system. The MRV system will also serve as an assessment tool to streamline the evaluation methods implemented by Dronek for their projects.

"Agroecology is a sustainable choice for agriculture. It's a grassroots movement."
Stéphane Le Foll

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Dronek is an Ivorian agriculture and forestry consultancy


Climate Smart Solutions (CSS) is a Tanzanian non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on reforestation, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, and water management in rural communities. Based in Arusha, Tanzania, CSS operates primarily in the East African region and helps indigenous communities build ecological resilience by initiating inclusive projects aimed to educate and improve their agricultural and agroforestry practices. CSS helps these communities launch and operate native tree nurseries for forest restoration.

Led by a diverse and resourceful group of local and international professionals, CSS joins OFP as a Validator to leverage the high scalability of our open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system. CSS seeks to expand its activities in rural communities across East Africa. As an intersecting hub for environment-focused forest projects, particularly small-scale projects in the region, CSS will help these projects operate transparently within OFP's open MRV system. CSS will also act as an onramp to seamlessly onboard these essential East African Forestation projects in our wide Project Operator network.

We are delighted to join forces with CSS and create a greater climate action impact through inclusive work with indigenous communities!


Climate Smart Solutions (CSS) is a Tanzanian non-governmental organization (NGO)


CarbonSpace Ltd is a remote sensing online platform that uses satellite and AI technology to monitor carbon footprints. Launched in 2020, CarbonSpace is built by a diverse and experienced team of experts in Space technology, machine learning, environmental sciences, ICT, forestry, agricultural technology, and sustainability. The platform is powered by proprietary technology that measures biospheric emissions and sequestrations in a more efficient, highly scalable, and cost-effective way.

Operational in six countries, with projects in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Africa, and over 2.5 million hectares in coverage, we welcome CarbonSpace to OFP's validator network. As an OFP validator, CarbonSpace's remote carbon footprint monitoring tool will enhance the transparency of forest data authentication on our open Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform. OFP and CarbonSpace believe that a more transparent and accessible MRV process will significantly benefit and open the carbon market to smaller and medium-sized carbon offset projects.


CarbonSpace Ltd is a remote sensing online platform


Kanop is a climate-centric company that enables forest carbon projects to measure and certify their data and impact using advanced tree-level remote sensing and state-of-the-art AI modeling. A shared determination to fight climate change and passion for nature-based solutions led founders Romain (CEO) and Louis (CTO) to join forces and establish the company in 2021. Kanop is driven by a mission to support and unlock carbon financing opportunities for all nature-based projects worldwide.

Already operational in over six countries and three continents, Kanop is looking to be further resourceful and supportive of forest projects by joining OFP's validator network. Having a shared vision with OFP for the value of forest projects and nature-based projects, Kanop believes OFP's open Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) solution is highly scalable and future-proof, making it the ideal approach to effectively mitigating climate change now and in the foreseeable future.

"We are excited to join forces with OFP to enable projects of all sizes access climate finance. As the climate warms up, we urgently need more projects."

Romain Fau


Kanop and OFP

EMU Capital LLC

EMU Capital is a US-based carbon verifier and Regenerative Finance (ReFi) company that is committed to bringing transparency to the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). Launched in 2021, EMU Capital has been very active in the ReFi and on-chain carbon spaces, working with prominent actors like Toucan and KlimaDAO. EMU Capital's blend and diverse team of specialists from banking, corporate development and crypto backgrounds, extensive knowledge, and experience with traditional and on-chain carbon markets, makes them a perfect intersection for everything brewing in the emerging on-chain carbon space.

Aligned with OFP's mission of transparency in carbon markets, EMU Capital joins OFP's validator network to further enhance our Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform through their experienced application of on-chain analytics and intricate knowledge of the traditional carbon market. This vast expertise will be vital in authenticating project data from Project Operators within the OFP global network and supplementing them with valuable insights.

"Emu Capital sees the OFP ecosystem as the next transformational step in carbon data. We are excited to see OFP introduce democratic mechanics and robust incentive structures to decentralize the end-to-end carbon offsetting process."  
Ben Mello


EMU Capital LLC and OFP

Swift Geospatial

Swift Geospatial is remote sensing and environment consultancy that creates proactive monitoring solutions and advocates for open and accessible geospatial data. Based in Pretoria, South Africa, Swift Geospatial was launched back in 2016 and has since gone on to have a global reach with its monitoring solutions. Using ESRI-compliant and near-real-time satellite imagery and cloud processing, Swift Geospatial delivers a powerful forest monitoring tool that reports on the health of forests, harvest status, and fire break analysis.

An ESRI Partner Conference 2021 Award winner, Swift Geospatial, shares OFP's commitment to sustainability and interest in forest monitoring, which lays the foundation for their entry into OFP's Validator network. In addition to their extensive cache of open and accessible up-to-date geospatial data, Swift Geospatial's remote sensing technology will enhance OFP's transparent Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform. This will boost the efficiency and speed of data authentication for projects within our global Project Operator network.

"OFP has the building blocks installed to change the reforestation community. Swift Geospatial sees this initiative and wants to contribute."
Michael Breetzkea


Swift Geospatial and OFP

Spatial Ventures Limited (SVL)

Spatial Ventures Ltd (SVL) is an environmental startup and reforestation consultancy. They provide geo-informatics and allied technology products to various climate actors in the Eastern African region. Based in Nakuru, Kenya, the organization is led by seasoned experts in the geoinformation field and provides services such as  remote sensing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). By leveraging the tremendous amount of Earth data they collect, geospatial AI, and cloud computing, the organization is able to accelerate and push data-driven solutions to global climate challenges.

Sharing OFP's dedication to combating climate change, we are thrilled to welcome SVL to OFP's Validator network. Leveraging their multi-purpose geo-information technology and experience in the field will add another layer of efficiency to OFP's Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform, further streamlining the data verification  from forest projects within OFP's network.

We are so excited to announce this partnership between Spatial Ventures Ltd and Open Forest Protocol. We look forward to the exciting outcomes of this collaboration! MoreValidator announcements to come!


Spatial Ventures Limited (SVL) and OFP

M.A.P Scientific Services (MAPSS)

M.A.P Scientific Services (MAPSS) is an environmental organization that provides science-driven analytics data to climate projects using cutting-edge geospatial technology (remote sensing), analytics, and detailed research.

In 2017, three friends - Dr. Pieter Oliver, Andrew Perdon, and Michael Mole – combined their shared passion for conservation, restoration, scalable, sustainable development, and years of experience in their careers as ecologists to launch MAPSS. They were motivated by the absence of science-backed data in the work of climate-focused projects and the inadequacy of implemented solutions that rely largely on software developers with no expertise in the field.  The mission of MAPSS is to solve some of the world's most challenging environmental problems using geospatial technology and analysis that is informed by experts within the environmental sector.

As an Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) partner operating in South Africa, Zambia, and Tanzania, MAPSS will be joining the OFP validator network. Their advanced remote sensing and analytics tools will enhance our Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform - OFP will leverage their modern geospatial technology and analytics to verify and authenticate the data reported by Project Operators within the global OFP network.

"The potential of nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change has never been in any doubt. However, implementing these and ensuring that the benefits are realized across the spectrum have been challenging. We are incredibly excited to be partnering with OFP and play our part to ensure that the benefits of the new carbon and forest economy are achieved across scales."

Dr Pieter Olivier, Director at MAPSS

OFP is delighted for MAPSS to join our validator network - their contributions will act as a ramp to increase transparency and the involvement of carbon-based projects. MAPSS will also help to streamline the data verification of African-based reforestation, afforestation, and conservation projects, increasing their accessibility to carbon financing opportunities.


M.A.P Scientific Services (MAPSS) and OFP


Geotree is a carbon verification company that uses advanced remote sensing and AI technology to provide monitoring solutions for projects that have adopted nature-based solutions and approaches.

Accredited by Gold Standard, and backed by Hartree Partners, Geotree offers project design and MRV services to landowners, farmers and project developers. The team has a combined over 50 years of experience in agriculture and remote sensing technology, more than 40 years of carbon markets knowledge, and over 30 years in commodity risk management.

Sharing OFP's commitment to establishing a more open, scalable, and transparent MRV system, Geotree will be joining OFP's network as a validator. Project operators will be able to leverage Geotree's cutting edge remote sensing and AI technology, biogeochemical modeling system, and valuable experience to help verify their projects data.

"Geotree is excited to collaborate with OFP to provide robust, scalable and cost-effective monitoring solutions for the nature-based carbon projects globally"
Jon Pierre, CEO

Website Twitter

Geotree and OFP


WEO utilizes open space data and AI to provide live, affordable, accessible, and actionable data to users whose projects aim to mitigate the effects of climate change. Founders Charlotte Wirion and Imeshi Weerasinghe met whilst doing their Ph.D.s and created WEO from their love for the climate and a desire to seevaluable climate research put to practical use. Since becoming a registered entity in 2020, the company has focused on water resource management, urban forestation, disaster management, and the creation of climate resilient cities. WEO is committed to the protection of forests and nature-based solutions, which aligns its core values and mission with that of OFP.

Joining OFP's validator network, WEO's Earth Observation data will be integral to the verification of land-based measurements, and a fundamental supporter of projects that operate in sustainable agriculture, urban forestation, and natural disaster management. WEO is a StartUp Stories 2021 Jury's Favorite winner and was a speaker at the COP26 last year.

“Trees are a powerful weapon in the fight against climate change and so cities are targeting a 50% increase in tree coverage in just 20 years. By alerting when trees are sick to avoid tree loss and pinpointing those that need pruning to reduce asset risk, WEO is able to provide a step change in tree management. Our technology is unique because we utilise advanced deep learning techniques to extract tree insights from open-source data. This means we can provide scale and high data frequency for an affordable price.”

Imeshi Weerasinghe



C3 - Intelligência Ambiental

C3 - Intelligência Ambiental is a remote sensing and environmental conservation organization engaged in native forest preservation , regeneration, and sustainable ecosystem management in Brazil. Founded in 2020 by a team of five co-founders with backgrounds in environmental science and engineering, the firm’s approach to conservation entails adding value to the conservation work done by small landowners in Brazil by taking advantage of recent technological advances in management and monitoring. Using science-based, transparent methodologies, the company aims to reliably and scalably quantify and monitor ecosystem services provided by forest restoration and conservation efforts, with a strong focus on carbon stock.

Notably, Intelligência and OFP share similar diagnostics of the carbon markets – that it requires accurate measuring, monitoring and verification to scale to the desired global climate change targets. Like OFP, Intelligência believes in the potential of Web 3 technologies to address most of the current dysfunctions of the carbon market,  including a lack of transparency, agility and efficiency in the current carbon finance framework. By joining OFP as a project validator, the company hopes to step up its project validation and environmental conservation skills to a global audience for broader impacts. Welcoming the collaboration, Intelligência notes the potential of collective action in reversing the devastating effects of climate change on our ecosystem.

“Deforestation is changing our climate, harming people and the natural world. We must, and can reverse this trend.” – Jane Goodall


C3 - Intelligência Ambiental and OFP


dClimate is a transparent, decentralized marketplace that allows participants to buy and share climate information and contribute to an open ecosystem of data-driven climate resilience applications. Founded by the team behind Arbol, a leading climate risk solutions platform,  and headquartered in the US, the company has active programs in several countries, including Cambodia and Namibia – in fact, the data platform is available globally to anyone with an internet connection.

At its inception, the founding team realized that the management of climate data was a mess, and needed disruption to make it easier for new participants to build with and use climate data. Arbol's product and data engineering teams began standardizing and indexing the world's climate information and storing it on IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) to support its internal product development. The Arbol data infrastructure expanded rapidly over time, growing to over 20+ TB of climate information spanning the entire world and including important variables like temperature, rainfall, wind, carbon, and satellite data. Realizing this massive infrastructure of institutional-grade climate data could be helpful to outside organizations who need climate information or are looking to build with it.

The Arbol team launched dClimate in February of 2021 as an open-source blockchain network and marketplace. The network enables participants to access free climate information, share data with the marketplace, or build applications and products on top of the data layer. Since its launch, the dClimate team has released several products and tools in its ecosystem, including a free analytics platform for the construction industry, an open REST API, and a climate data game called Stormbroker. The team also works with different projects and communities to serve as a verifier for carbon and other natural assets. It partnered earlier this year with the Republic of Namibia to be its official verifier to support the country’s ambitious green hydrogen programs. Its flagship data marketplace will launch this year, first on testnet and then on mainnet shortly after - Stay tuned!

dClimate brings this experience to OFP as a project validator. Our shared values of hard work towards climate change and interest in critical data infrastructure and verification tools for projects building in the Web3, carbon, and climate spaces. With aligned missions, we will ensure this cooperation remains fruitful for the benefit of our project operators.

"We are excited to be working with the OFP team as a verifier for their forestry projects to support the much-needed work they are doing at the intersection of blockchain and climate action,"

Sid Jha, Founding partner of dClimate.


dClimate and OFP


Athena is an environmental organization that accelerates the development and adoption of sustainable technologies by supporting the responsible development of Regenerative Financial markets and the open and equitable exchange of interoperable environmental data. Founded by an environmental data scientist and public health policy research expert, the company works to bridge the gap between blockchain and the real world by developing solutions that allow for trust-minimized data collection and verification. Athena decentralizes the governance of credentialed data standards and methodologies while managing the utility of a living taxonomy of Natural Capital to enable open and interoperable flows of verifiable ESG data across markets and domains.

As an OFP project validator, Athena will seek to uphold the verifiability of real-world data used to back assets produced by OFP. The partnership will also see Athena develop and implement credentialled data collection and verification methodologies while supporting the development of an open and interoperable taxonomy of Natural Capital. Furthermore, Athena will seek to facilitate the credentialing and licensing of methodologies deployed by partners within the OFP network. They will work to ensure the interoperability of projects on OFP with a global NatCap Taxonomy and to facilitate the expansion of projects and services in partnership with OFP wherever possible and prudent for both parties.


Athena and OFP


Shamba is a geospatial and information technology company based in Kenya — an oracle for environmental data. Shamba focuses primarily on the real-world applications of Web 3, using their software and analytics to build decentralized applications pertaining to climate data and environmental stewardship. Its core staff consists of experts in geospatial analysis and software development, who seek to simplify the complexity of remote sensing measurements in a Web 3 environment. The firm is extremely well versed in their niche, and have worked with over 30 satellite data sets from global space agencies. As an OFP validator, Shamba will use their expertise in geospatial systems analytics and remote sensing technologies to ensure forest projects around the world benefit from the most technologically advanced validation methods.

“Forests are the lungs of the planet, and Shamba is excited to be partnering with OFP to protect this most vital of resources.”
Kennedy Ng’ang’a, Shamba


Shamba and OFP


Wildsense is a remote sensing company with operations in Europe and Central America. The firm specializes in the use of remote sensing technologies, including satellite and AI models, to monitor the health of forest projects. As stated on their website, Wildsense uses “Cutting-edge satellite imagery to verify forest cover on a monthly basis and field data to verify that our projects adhere to the four principles defined by the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets & the IPPC.”

Wildsense’s experience in modern remote sensing technologies as they apply to forestation projects will be invaluable as an OFP project validator. The firm anticipates that, through its collaboration with OFP, it will be able to validate more forest projects from all over the world, expanding its reach and impact on the climate, nature, and biodiversity.

“Wildsense has been working for over a year using cutting edge remote sensing technology and we’re delighted to contribute this technology to reforestation projects all over the world.”
Thibault Sorret, CEO and co-founder of Wildsense.


Wildsense and OFP


LiDAR Latino America SpA is a remote sensing company operating in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Chile. The organization specializes in Forest Inventory, Biomass and Carbon stock estimations using LiDAR and Radar Technology. With over 25 years of experience in the Latin America Geospatial Industry and 80 employees, the organization prides itself as a pioneer in the use of remote sensing technologies for forestry applications. The organization saw OFP Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Resources as a powerful solution to the carbon market. As a project validator, LiDAR Latino America will establish the accuracy and validity of forest project data inputs into the OFP pipeline.

“We are pioneers in Latin America leading the geospatial industry with a specialization in mapping Biomass, Carbon, and CO2e. We were drawn to OFP as a powerful solution for the carbon market and look forward to becoming official validators and aiding projects onboarding to the protocol”
LiDAR Latino America



Carbon Check India

Carbon Check India Private Limited (CCIPL) is a global validation, verification, and certification body headquartered in India. It offers a wide range of third-party assurance services, including validation, verification, and certification of climate change mitigation projects worldwide. CCIPL is accredited by global certification bodies and standards, namely UNFCCC, VERRA, Gold Standard, Global Carbon Council, Plan Vivo, NABCB, ISO, CERCABONO, and ProClima. From its early beginnings 11 years ago, CCIPL has grown to operate in 151 countries across the globe with a core staff portfolio of twenty lead employees.

As a validator in the OFP Network, CCIPL hopes to deliver more value to landowners and farmers worldwide by certifying that the generated GHG sequestered from their forest activities is correct, accurate, and consistent, increasing transparency while improving the quality of forestation projects. This will allow MRV to be accessible to even the smallest forest project owners.

“ t is a unique opportunity for us to provide robust, swift and consistent assurance services to the developers of nature based solution projects anywhere in the world through the use of blockchain technology.”


Carbon Check India and OFP


KBS Certification Services is a premier designated operational entity (DOE) and verification/validation body (VVB) with a pool of experienced auditors. Founded in 2005, KBS Certification Services Pvt Ltd was established as a service-based organization providing independent third-party assessment services in areas of climate change, management system certification, sustainability reporting and assurance, product certifications, training, and inspections. KBS operates out of India and Dubai with over 50 employees.

Having verified more than 500 projects globally, KBS prides itself as one of the most active Designated Operational Entity and Validation Body in climate change services with years of experience in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standards (VCS), and Gold Standard for Global Goals (GS4GG). The firm’s commitment to quality has pushed it to seek accreditation from renowned climate change bodies, including the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Global Carbon Council (GCC), Verra, and the Gold Standard Foundation.

“We, at KBS, are sensitive to the needs and aspirations of our clients as well as future generations and thus, aspire for universal societal development focussing on sustainable development of our clients. We value mother earth and its natural resources, and thus strive for economic, environmental and social optimization of resources at the individual level, as well as organizational. OFP aligns with our continued interest in assessment of greenhouse gas mitigations projects, especially in the forestry sector.”



Double Helix

Double Helix provides supply chain due diligence solutions for forest products and deforestation-related commodities. As a validator in the OFP MRV network, DoubleHelix will apply its risk assessment and data verification expertise through the use of methods such as remote sensing. The company offers upstream supply chain due diligence and regulatory compliance solutions to major importers in the United States and the European Union.

Accredited to ISO 17065 for Product Certification, DoubleHelix also offers PEFC Chain of Custody and International Sustainability and Carbon Certification. By deploying modern technological innovations such as DNA and isotope testing, machine learning, and blockchain-secured data platforms in its verification process, the company provides assurance of environmental claims for the benefit of buyers and consumers.

“We are delighted to join the OFP community and excited to contribute our expertise to ensure that all data on the platform is verified and trustworthy. We intend to learn, through participation, about this innovative approach to forest monitoring and carbon financing.”
Darren Thomas, DoubleHelix


Double Helix and OFP

Forest Business Analytics

Forest Business Analytics seeks to address global demand for forest investment services by offering analytics, forecasting, investment, and research consultancy. Comprising a multidisciplinary team of forest researchers and practitioners, the company investigates how data can drive organizational success within the forest sector across the Asia-Pacific, Americas, Africa, and Europe. The firm’s IT expertise allows it to prepare data analytics to drive forest investments. Joining OFP’s distributed validator network, Forest Business Analytics will share their global experience in forest data analytics and validation. OFP looks forward to the expertise Forest Business Analytics’ data-driven validation will provide for afforestation projects around the globe, helping unlock future carbon financing.

“We believe that OFP brings the chance to small and medium-size landowners to access voluntary carbon markets, achieve stable returns and unlock the forestry potential for climate benefits.”
Karolina Chudy, CEO of Forest Business Analytics.


Forest Business Analytics and OFP


Earthood is a global carbon auditing and consultation firm, powered by veterans in the industry. Accredited by universally recognized environmental and carbon standards certifications institutions, including the UNFCCC, Gold Standard, Global Carbon Council and VERRA, Earthood brings the expertise and high standards of the traditional accreditation world on-chain. Leading the firm is a team of GHG auditors including Dr. Kaviraj Singh, the founder; Ashok Kumar Gautam, an auditor with 20 years of industry experience; and Ricardo Lopes, the Executive Director, with 18 years experience in building a team of validators, operating in Brazil, Mexico, and Latin America. Avinash Kumar (ex SGS & ex ERM), has also joined the team as an Executive Director and is spearheading the Sustainability, Net Zero and Decarbonization strategies under a dedicated vertical for the upcoming markets. The firm’s head office is in India, with branches in Brazil, South Korea, China, and the UK. Earthood’s strong focus on technology-driven solutions marries well with the operations of OFP, which rely on digital technologies for forestry data validation. The shared value of speedy and accurate auditing ensures the cooperation will produce trustworthy results that benefit all stakeholders on OFP.

“We are excited to be on a new and innovative platform for forestry projects. We are here to make a difference — together!”


Earthood and OFP