The platform for efficient, transparent monitoring and credit issuance

Access Measurement, Reporting and Verification tools at no up-front cost, regardless of project location and size

What's in for you?

No upfront cost

Access our end-to-end platform for carbon projects, from project registration to credit issuance, at no up-front cost.

For small and large projects

Projects from 0.3 ha (0.76 acres) and up can apply to access our platform ensuring inclusivity for projects of all sizes, from all locations.

Yearly monitoring, yearly revenue

Annual monitoring results in the creation of ex-post credits on a yearly basis.

Field agents using Open Forest Protocol's MRV tools

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We're currently accepting Afforestation / Reforestation / Revegetation and Agroforestry projects.


We provide cutting-edge open technology and tools that ensure the creation and management of carbon credits are of the highest quality and verifiable.

Open Forest Protocol Project Develoer Dashboard

Project Operator Dashboard

Project Operators use this platform to create and continually monitor their forest projects on OFP. By providing regular ground monitoring reports, project data receives a regular verification and carbon credit generation.

Open Forest Protocol Mobile App

Forester Mobile App

Ground data is collected with the Forester Mobile App. Forest monitoring best practices are made accessible through clear guidance on data collection tasks and instant connection to the Project Operator Dashboard. The app, available on any smartphone, works offline anywhere in the world.

Open Forest Protocol Explorer


The Atlas is transparency in action. All project data becomes immutable public record, and accessible to the world through this interactive map.


Our global impact

We currently collaborate with afforestation and reforestation projects across 20 countries and remain committed to continuously expanding our reach by onboarding new initiatives globally.

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How it works

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1. Organisation registration

A forest project's journey on OFP begins when the Project Developer's organisation is analyzed and approved to use OFP for potential credit issuance.

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2. Project registration and whitelisting

The Project Developer then creates a digital representation of each forest project they will manage through OFP. Here, all project information is provided, and the application for carbon accreditation is completed.

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3. Monitoring

A project now begins collecting ground monitoring data from within the project area. Monitoring happens every 6 months for the first 2 years and every year after

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4. Verification & Validation

After ground monitoring data is collected and submitted, it is simultaneously analysed and verified by at least 12 organizations from our network of verification partners.

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5. Issuance of credits

Following successful verification of the ground monitoring data, carbon credits are issued to carbon accredited projects.

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6. Transparent display

All data, from general project information to tree measurements and the number of credits issued, is visible and verifiable in real time through OFP's public Atlas.